PLC- ,DCS-, HMI- (SCADA)programming

HMI-, PLC- and DCS-programming is one of our key competences.  Inducon has long and comprehensive experience of programming several brands of PLC’s and DCS’s as well as applying them at either machinery or processes. If it takes top-notch professional feel free contacting us.

Even though we withhold an extensive experience of different PLC- and DCS-brands, we tend to think that rather than emphasizing programming experience of certain brand, it is good pre-planning ,vision, and ability to use PLC’s or DCS’s full instruction set and programming language efficiently which provides the best results.

Our expertise extends into old but still good system environments such as :

  • Alcont I
  • Motorola VME-based systems
  • Autolog-PLC
  • Siemens S5
  • etc.