PLC- and HMI-software specifications, usability analyzes and audits

Are you unhappy with the situation where PLC- and/or HMI-design of your machinery, equipment or process take longer than you have expected or budgeted even though it should be identical with recently delivered?

Do you get calls from your customers where they report system problems especially after shutdown periods or power outages? Are there persistent nuisances, illogicalities on operation etc.?

Do you want to ensure that your equipment supplier writes the PLC-software using language you understand? Often variables and comments are written in programmers language which may have negative impact for the software maintainability.

What is causing those pre-mentioned problems is often either software or hardware which lacks system design and/or is hastily composed or is not written using all tools what the platform used offers.

Contact Inducon. We instruct your supplier and verify the control software made by him, pinpoint possible weaknesses, make an improvement proposal and finally make improvements needed.